Bakugan Pornography Story: Dan and Runo Romp Adventures (accomplish story + preview Mira’s vengeance)

Bakugan Pornography Story: Dan and Runo Romp Adventures (accomplish story + preview Mira’s vengeance)

On a beautiful day Runo passed Dan’s house she wondered,

hhmmmm i’m so horny  I want Dan to fuck me, but will he?

She decided to go and visit Dan, but when she was there she heard Julie moaning from Dan’s room, as fast as Runo could she left the house, her heart was broken.

The next day Dan went to Runo’s house because he wanted to fuck her this time, but when he arrived there Runo was very mad at him, so Dan found a reason to skip Runo’s madnes, the day was over and Dan Didn’t fuck Runo.

Today they were goiing to the movie they were meating up at Dan’s house, but when she got there she noticed nobody was home but Dan, she asked to Dan where his parents were and Dan answer was that they were already at the cinema. When Runo knew that she had a plan…

She asked Dan to give her feet a massage, Dan answered only if you give my a massage at my back, deal?

That’s okay, Runo answered.

After 30 minutes of the footmassage Runo began with Dan’s massage, but after 5 seconds she turned him, and used her feet on Dan’s rock-hard dick, Dan asked what are you doing Runo???!!! Just lay down and relax, I won’t hurt you silly! She pulled off Dan’s pants and underwear and gave him a blowjob she tought: wow what a big dick, Chun’s dick is nothing compared to Dan’s!

After Dan came Runo asked , Dan, sweety are you ready? I sure am, he anwswered.

Runo stripped of before the eyes of Dan beginning with her shirt then her skirt and finaly her panties, now the only thing left were her socks.

mmmmmmm, Runo i beg you let me fuck you please i can’t hold on any longer!!! Okay but don’t be to rough she answered.

Oh yeah Runo your vagina is so tiny  i love it!!!

Ah ah ah, yeah Dan deeper faster ah ah ah!!!

Runo I’m soon going to cum!

Wait for me Dan we’ll cum together!!

They came thogether and both moaned so hard even the neighbours could hear it.

Tomorrow again Dan, asked Runo nicely?

That’s a deal! answered Dan.



Today Runo was walking in the park.

She was so excited about yesterday,

she wanted to do it again, so she got to Dan’s house.


When she arrived Dan said:

Lets play a game Runo!

Runo was so excited that she forgat all about bakugan (the game)

She hugged Dan very tight

Dan asked:

Runo, what are you doing?!,

I tought we were goiing to play bakugan so what in the world are you doing?!

Runo was so mad at herself that she could kill herself!


After they played their game Runo got on Dan’s bed and said,

Dan come here please.

Dan asked why.

Well becouse I got to tell you something.

So Dan did what she said and got on the bed.

Dan, please,… fuck me again, please, no, pretty please, i beg you!!!

Dan answered: I thougt you were never goiing to ask it!!

He pulld of his pants and commanded Runo to give him a blowjob


Meanwhile in Runo’s house…

Alice is searching for Runo but she can’t find her

So Alice asked Runo’s parents but they didn’t know either

Alice thougt if she is not here then i’ll ask Dan if he knows

so she went to Dan’s house!


Now then, back to Dan’s house…

Dan please take off my panties, I beg you asked Runo

If you beg for me maybe I consider it…

Of course my sweetheart. Answered Runo

Dan took of Runo’s panties and couldn’t resist licking her pussy

Runo couldn’t stop moaning, she even began beggin for Dan to finger her!!!


Meanwhile Alice arrived at Dan’s house and asked his parents if she could go upstairs,

that was good for his parents so she got upstairs and while he did she already was asking…

Dan do you know where Runo… She couldn’t finish her question becouse she got in Dan’s room and saw Dan and Runo fucking each other

Dan said: Oh no, busted!

Runo said: Euh, Alice this is not what you think Dan is…

Runo couldn’t finish her setence because she was stopped by alice saying something

This is what i think it is…

And I want it to so…

Dan, Runo, can I join?




alice: This is what I think it is, this is what is want, so Dan, Runo,… can I join?…

Runo and Dan looked at each other and said: You cannot mean this…,or do you?…

she quickly answered yes,while she was stepping close towards Dan.

So Dan… can i join you both? She asked while holding her foot on Dan’s penis.

And is this okay for you too Runo? She asked while she was fingering Runo.

Now they both knew it, Alice really wasn’t joking, they looked again at each other… but it didn’t take long for them both to say yes…


Runo was beggin already for Alice to lick her pussy and Dan couldn’t say anything becouse he was enjoying the footjob to much.

Later Runo and Dan both came at the same time,… they both were very tired.

Suddenly Alice commanded Runo to lick her pussy! and she commanded Dan to fuck Runo in her ass.

They both were to tired they even couldn’t move anymore, but Alice got them of the bed and said: You’re going to do as I say or else I’ll tell everybody about this!

dan and Runo Didn’t have any choice but to do as Alice said so they did it…



When they woke up it was half past 7 in the morning, dan said: OH NO WE’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE TOURNEMENT QUALIFICATIONS!!!
they directly woke all up and got to the tournement as fast as they could!
When they got at the tournement Dan was thinking of yesterday and how great it was.
The first match began, Dan vs masqerade, It was a long battle but dan won.
Julie vs Marucho
Julie wins!
Third match
chun vs bob
chun wins of course
fourth match
When all matches were over, it was half past 11 in the morning of course.
Julie had a great idea, she asked everyone if she and Dan could get to Dan’s house to get some drinks and food,
sounds good said Dan.

Marucho was very sad about losing, he was at the boys bathroom…
runo said to chun and alice to stay right there, she was going to take a look at marucho…
when she got in the bahtroom, she heard marucho’s voice: oh runo, yeah, good girl, suck my dick!
Runo smiled when she opened the door and saw marucho playing with his dick.
So marucho you want me to suck your dick heh?
n… no… please don’t hurt me!
No? Then why is your dick so happy to see me?
Runo came closer, she grabbed marucho’s tiny dick, and she began licking it.
she asked: so… does it feel good?
Ah, it’s even better then what i expected, please continue…

Meanwhile at Dan’s house Dan and julie arrived.
So Dan where are your parents?
They’re gone out shopping.
Oh so we’re alone?
Yep, the house is all ours, why you askin?
Oh, just asking, she said smirking.
Oh dan come a little closer please i have a present for you.
Oh boy a present, he said laughing out loudly
he sat now next to Julie.
Oh dan, I’m so bored, but I know something fun to do, she said while grabbing Dan’s dick
I think I like your idea of “doing something” hehe
Julie now pulled of dan’s jeans, and began sucking his dick.
Oh julie, please don’t ever stop
No worries Dan I’ll always be yours!
Dan now pulled off Julies shirt and began touching her breasts.

meanwhile at the tournement stadium

Hey Shun, wanne have some fun? asked Alice.
What kind of “fun”? Smiled Shun.
The fun where you touch mu pussy and stick your hard cock in sweety
I like that fun let’s go there, there is a bush where we can do it and nobody will see us.
They directly began undressing, they couldn’t wait anymore!
ah ah ah I know ah ah ah ah soooooo gooood… I’m going to… AH!!!
shun came
that was so good Shun…

In the bathroom…
Marucho please I can’t hold in anymore please stick it in PLEASE!!!
Your wish is my command Runo!
AH your dick is so great Marucho!
I know!
Touch my breasts marucho

Marucho began licking runo’s breasts like a wild dog.

Oh marucho you dirty little pervert, cum inside me please! Begged runo

If you ask, I’ll do it!

Ah ah ah ah faster marucho, ah ah ah ah deeper please! Ah ah ah ah aaaaaaah, oh marucho you came inside me so… hot mmmmmmmmm



At Dan’s house

Oh Dan I wish this would never end moaned Julie

Dan was now drilling his dick between julies breasts.

I know, but please can I stick it in Julie?

Of course, I can’t wait neither

Julie moaned out very loud of pleasure, Dan’s dick was now in her pussy

Oh Julie to bad I’m already going to cum…






Meanwhile on new vestroia…

Mira: I finally found a way to get to earth! Now me and Dan can have finally sex!!!


????? The end ?????


I’ll make another comic, but only if you give me support by voting + and if you give me good ideas!
Also if you know someone that can draw very good bakugan porn then pm me so we together could make a comic!!!



and now for the preview:

tuesdaynight Dan’s house

OH YEAH DAN this feels so good, moaned runo,

I know I wish we could do this forever,



I’m comming up with a suprise Dan!!!

Quicly runo hopped out of the window, not thinking about everyone could see her naked

the door opened,

dan now laughed, WOW MIRA, ARE YOU BACK???

yes dan, she smiled,

I’ll leave you 2 alone dan bye, said dan’s mother

So dan… wanne do it again? asked mira

I hope this pleased you all for now





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