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Bakugan Porn Story: Ren’s Revenge

Bakugan Porn Story: Ren’s Revenge

Fabia fell against the wall. She had been thrown by a Vestal. The Gundalians enlisted in the help of a certain Vestal. His pink hair fell around his face, his eyes glowed dark red, blood red. Cords hooked to his arms, making the veins pop out on them, ran up his arms, and around to the back of his neck, causing veins to pop out on his face.

Ren laughed. He knew the Fabia couldn’t fight someone who wasn’t in control of themselves.

“Keith! Again!” He ordered, watching the Vestal stagger forward.

Fabia tried to move, but was stopped when a hand went around her throat, picking her off the ground. Fabia choked, breathing, trying to reach around and grab the cords on his arms. She managed to get ahold of his right arm, and yanked the cords off of him. His eyes flickered as he managed to lose some strength.

“What are you waiting for! Crush her windpipe!” Ren yelled, fear striked across his face.

Fabia was able to bring her leg up, using her foot to rip the other wires out of his arm. Blood splattered across the area.

Keith’s eyes flickered back to blue as he dropped her, shocked at what he had seen. Himself holding a girl by the throat. He looked at his bleeding arms as Ren suddenly grabbed the back of his neck, ripping out the device. Fabia got up and caught him as he fell, his body dropping from the sudden death. She laid him on the floor, and ran after Ren.

She tripped over something soft and slippery. When she looked back, Fabia screamed. There laid the body of Keith’s little sister Mira. She had been stabbed, raped, and torn apart at her stomach. She shook and cried, scared now. Where the Gundalians really that unforgiving to kill two siblings? And more?


“FABIA!” Called Queen Serena.

Fabia ran to the portal as she and her sister went through. They had a meeting on Gundalia. The Emperor of Japan, with Shun Kazami and Daniel Kuso, the King of Gundalia,with Ren Krawler, Prince Hydron with Keith Clay and Mira Firman, and Queen Serena and Princess Fabia were going to all sign a treaty as royalty and top notch brawlers to finally put a end to the fighting between Vestal, Earth, and Neathia. Oh no, they didn’t fight, not with each other. They all fight with Gundalia. When Mira finally reached the point of a master brawler, Hydron contacted Serena, telling her that they now had two, that was when Gundalia contacted all of them, said they need to meet with them, the fighting was over.

Fabia and her sister stepped out of the portal, and saw everyone.

“Shun!” Fabia cried, running to her lover. He smiled and held her against him, catching her as she jumped up into his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist. They kissed while everyone stood there. Keith and Mira were sitting down, expecting a child soon. Dan talked with Hydron while Serena talked with Ren.

Fabia didn’t think anything would happen, but she was wrong. When she got down, they were surrounded with weapons. Keith grabbed Mira and put her behind him.

Shun and Dan went to protest, only to have a spear through their sides, connecting them. Shun took a look at Fabia before he died, seeing her face twisted in a scream of fear. Both boys fell to the ground as a warrior ripped out the spear, pointing it at Fabia, who backed up against her sister. Keith and Mira were grabbed, and taken away. Keith put up a fight, but he wasn’t a match for device that shocked him.

Fabia felt blood on her shoulder, and looked up to see her sister’s head was gone. She screamed and ran. She looked back to see Hydron running after her, a desperate look on his face as he was shot and killed. She screamed again when his hand landed on her foot, bloody. She took off running. As she went into a room, she heard Mira screaming, and was attacked by Keith.


Fabia cried. She didn’t know what to do, everyone was dead! She got up, and hid in a small area, hoping that Ren wouldn’t find her. She felt a hand yank her out. She screamed and protested, trying to break away.

“NO!” She screamed as she was thrown into a moldy looking jail cell. She looked back with tears in her eyes to see Ren. As she scrambled to get away, he grabbed her around her waist, and threw her against the wall and a bed.

After making sure that she couldn’t leave, Ren grabbed her, and forced her down. Fabia screamed as she cried. Ren slapped her across the face, quieting her. She held her face, it turned red, in the shape of a hand. She looked up at him, her lips trembling.

“W-what are you g-going to do to m-me?” She asked. His face didn’t show respect, it didn’t show that she would have freedom. He smirked.

Fabia screamed again as she was grabbed, her clothes being torn off. She kicked, hit, did everything she could to stop him, nothing worked.

Finally, she stopped, crying, loosing the battle. Naked, stripped of her fighting abilities, and scared, Fabia looked up into the face of her torture.

He bent down, and pushed her back, her head hitting the wall, but she didn’t pass out. Ren straddled her hips, stopping her from moving. She shook with fear, scared of what he was going to do. He leaned down to whisper in ear.

“You’re my slave now Fabia.” He whispered, and pulled back smiling.

Fabia’s eyes teared up and she cried. She was going to be used as a slave, but not just any slave. A sex slave. She shook, wanting to fight back, but her pride was taken from her as he tied her up. She couldn’t move at all, her arms and legs were shackled to the wall with rusty old cuffs. She was positioned for sex, and there was nothing she could do about it. She only hoped to Neathia that he would go in gentle. She was still a virgin after all. As he took himself out, he grabbed her harshly by the hips. As he was about to enter, Fabia spoke, “Please be gentle! I don’t care if I’m your sex slave forever! But I’m a virgin!” She cried out.

“Oh are you?” He said, thrusting in as hard as he could.

Fabia screamed bloody murder as tears poured down her face. If there had been anyone alive in the building, she would have been heard. He pulled back his hand and slapped her.

“Quiet bitch!” He hissed.

Fabia’s screeches were ear splitting, and every time she screamed, he’d hit her. Soon, she was covered in cuts and bruises, tears streaked her face. She had cuts across her breasts, stomach, and thighs for screaming. For everything she has done, it was taken away from her. Her life, freedom, virginity, even her pride was gone. She no longer had her boyfriend, Shun. She watched her friends, Hydron, Dan, Mira, and Keith die. Well, not Mira, but she could only imagine. She lost her only family, Serena. There was nothing else to live for. Not no more.

She became depressed, looking up at the ceiling, wondering if everyone was either around them in spirit form, or if they were around at all. She felt as if she couldn’t have done a thing. She closed her eyes as she felt Ren’s hand on her clit.

“Behave, and I’ll make sure these sessions are pleasurable.” He said with a smirk, still thrusting deep into her.

Fabia just looked at him. She looked away and shook, crying out as she came against her will. The feeling of her pussy muscles against his dick, made Ren lean forward out of pleasure, and gathered her frame up, cumming deep into her. Fabia screamed. Ren hit her.

“Damn, that storm really left this place in the dump.” Said Shadow, as he kicked aside a piece of wood.

His wife, Mylene, agreed. They hadn’t seen eye or ear of Keith and Mira, let alone Hydron, Shun, Dan, and Fabia. They had searched Earth, only to have been told that they went missing. They had searched Vestal, with Ace and Baron, who was with them. Gus too. They knew about Neathia being blown apart. And Gundalia was abanded, they had died out.

Ace walked with Shadow into a room, and let out some retching, smelling something fierce. Shadow turned the corner, and screamed. Baron and Mylene came around.

Mylene fell to the floor crying.

In the room, there were six mummies. One with her stomach torn open. Mira. One with his neck ripped out in the back, and his arms. Keith. Two with a spear wound through their sides. Shun and Dan. One with a bullet wound in his back. Hydron. And one, raped, molested, chained up, looked as if she was starved. Fabia.

The five adults looked at each other, as they comforted Mylene. They got to work, burying the dead.

They took Dan and Shun back to Earth. Allowing them their homely graves. Fabia, of course, was with Shun when they were buried.

The Vestals took Keith, Mira, and Hydron back to Vestal to be buried.

“What fueled such a horrific thing?” Asked Ace.

Baron looked at him. No one knew, that this was Ren’s Revenge on Fabia.

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